5000 Tips For A Better Life

1701. Learn Numerology. It's an interesting study of numbers that can help you in certain facets of life.

1702. Learn Palmistry. It's an interesting study of how our palms determine our present and future.

1703. Attend a good public speaking course. Online. Learn to speak in public. From the comforts of your own home.

1704. Everyone we interact with has the potential to teach us something. The important thing is to learn something from everyone.

1705. Be a part of every important event in your spouse and kids lives.

1706. Don't worry if your kids are obese. Focus on enhancing the daily diet with the right nutrients instead.

1707. Imagine more. Slip into another world and dream about beautiful things. Often.

1708. These tips may not reach Millions of people. That doesn't mean I get disheartened. Do what you love even if you don't get any rewards for it.

1709. Your purpose must be identified as early as possible. So that most of your life is spent on fulfilling it.

1710. Erase hatred from your dictionary. Replace it with some more love.

1711. Use old paper well. Don't leave even an inch unused. Trees were chopped down to produce it. Use it sensibly.

1712. Visit hill stations during the rainy season. There's nothing so amazing as sipping a cup of tea on the hills during the rains.

1713. Do not eat less. Eat sensibly.

1714. God can give you anything you wish for. So use your prayer time well.

1715. Share freshly baked cookies with your pet dog. Even animals want to be part of our simple pleasures.

1716. Don't attempt to do more with your time, do less instead. This way whatever you do, you do it well.

1717. Go through your entire day a few minutes before bedtime. It's a nice time to reflect on the days events.

1718. Don't say nasty things about anybody. Period.

1719. Learn to prepare a good bowl of soup. Once learned, prepare it often. Especially during the rains and on chilly days.

1720. Do not let your smartphone use you. Switch it off when you're in meditation, prayer, napping and sleeping.

1721. Drop off your guests to their homes if you can after a party you organized is over.

1722. Pursue your dreams. Don't let life pass you by without doing so.

1723. Take little steps towards your major goals everyday. Download the 'Magical Seeds Principle' to know how powerful this can be.

1724. Spend your money sensibly. Specially if it's someone else's.

1725. Go camping with the kids once a year. And watch fireflies dancing in the fields during the night.

1726. Serve your loved ones breakfast in bed once a week. But don't wake them up before it's their usual time to wake up.

1727. Do not trust financial advisers. They are always looking for their own best interests and not yours.

1728. Never allow your bank customer service reps to play games with you. Know your bank's guidelines and always follow it.

1729. Pay your credit card bills on time. If possible, stop using your credit card altogether.

1730. Taking anything on credit can be expensive. If you cannot pay for it back on time. Use your credit card very wisely.

1731. Always pay by cash when you have the money with you. Don't use your credit card to pay for it.

1732. Don't buy anything that you cannot afford to pay for right now. This means, no credit cards and no loans taken.

1733. Invest time in keeping track of your expenses. Do not let a single expense go unnoticed.

1734. Pay bills on time. And never automate bill payments as you may tend to lose track of all payments every single month.

1735. Keep a close eye on your finances. Ensure you keep aside enough money for at least 2 years of your life.

1736. Learn accounting. Knowing to keep track of all expenses and payments is one of life's most important skills.

1737. Don't spend on even a single thing more than the basic monthly needs if you ain't earning.

1738. Banks are known to impose penalties for not maintaining the minimum balance or other such reasons. Always know your account and your bank's rules inside out.

1739. Shocking news can ruin your day completely. When you hear something that shocks you, take a few minutes to digest it before reacting to it.

1740. Shocking news can send you into a trauma. Be wary of what you watch on TV or read online. Don't blindly believe anything.

1741. Take some time off if you have been fired from your job or been laid off. Use that time to meditate and upgrade your skills.

1742. Pay off credit card payments every month. Without fail. Do not ever miss a single payment.

1743. Drink plenty of clean and boiled drinking water every day. Few things matter more than following this tip.

1744. You truly are what you think. Think relaxing, motivating and positive thoughts.

1745. Keep digital copies of all important documents such as your passport. Do this for every member of your family. You never know when you may need them.

1746. Ride your bike on the side of the roads. Do not ride it in the middle. You'll be safer this way.

1747. Say a little prayer for your loved ones when they leave the home. Also tell them you love them when you wave goodbye.

1748. Drink a glass of warm water after Breakfast. It's shocking that most of us do not drink much water right until lunch.

1749. Helping others helps put things in perspective and makes us happier. Never hesitate to help those in need.

1750. Stay in touch with your loved ones during the day using a social app. It's like having them with you while you work, study, etc.

1751. When you feel tired, just sit back or lay down, close your eyes and let the tiredness go away.

1752. Do not worry what others think of you. What matters is what you think of you.

1753. Always give your best. And don't make excuses when you can't.

1754. Take time while you drink a hot cup of tea. Don't hurry. It ruins the entire experience of drinking it.

1755. Thank God for the day before you go to sleep at night. It's great to start and end one's day with thanks to God.

1756. Don't say you can when you can't.

1757. Don't say you can't when you very well can.

1758. Love totally. There's no other way to love someone.

1759. Be careful when you're driving or walking on the road. Keep an eye on the road but look to the sides from time to time.

1760. Don't do things just for the sake of doing it. Do things well.

1761. Every weekday, spend the entire afternoon in rest and silence.

1762. At the end of the day, it don't matter how much you made but how well you made it.

1763. There is life in the plants and the trees. So be careful not to destroy them. Instead do things to appreciate, enhance and grow more of them.

1764. Do not live beyond your means. Ever.

1765. If you are buying a new car just buy the most efficient model. Do not buy a car just to show off.

1766. Go electric. Electric vehicles are the future. They help reduce pollution a lot too.

1767. Work in a clean and comfortable environment. It feels so wonderful to get work done when your workspace is relaxing.

1768. Save 200 out of every 1000 dollars you earn. It will surely help you on a rainy day.

1769. Take regular breaks during the day. But make sure you've done something to move forward in the fulfillment of your life purpose.

1770. Buy light colors. For bed sheets, pillow covers, and curtains. They look beautiful and make the room interiors more soothing.

1771. Invest in table fans. They cool the whole room and consume very little electricity.

1772. Don't install air conditioning inside your home. Use table fans instead. Air conditioners pollute the environment rather than condition it.

1773. It's OK to show your love and affection to someone special. But resist doing so in public.

1774. Choose your close friends wisely. Chances are you will spend your entire social life with them.

1775. Get to know your friend's partners. But do so mainly in the presence of your friends.

1776. Never put your partner down. Not in public nor in the privacy of your own home.

1777. Let your kids listen to music while they do their homework. Make life more enjoyable for them. Not the other way round.

1778. Let your upbringing be reflected well in the way you carry yourself in public.

1779. Be kind to all living things. Not just human beings.

1780. Once in a while, listen to music your kids like. Likewise, share your favorite music with them so that they can listen to your favorites too.

1781. Age must not be a factor when selecting a mate. As long as you get along well with each other. Nothing else matters.

1782. Whenever you're not inspired while you work, take a break and let inspiration find you.

1783. Live your life in a manner that others remember you for all the good that you did while you were around.

1784. The way up the mountain is a long one. Prepare for it well.

1785. Read proverbs shared by your ancestors. They reveal wisdom which many years of school won't give you.

1786. Don't make hasty first impressions. Always get to know them first. Most people take a long time to truly open up to others.

1787. Don't be a braggart. Lay low. Let others brag if they wish to. But you don't.

1788. Sometimes, the best thing to do is let life pass you by. But that should not be what you do all the time.

1789. As much as possible, speak with people using words and language they are most comfortable with. You'll be received a lot better.

1790. Don't hold your phone in your hands all the time. Keep it down. Let your hands rest.

1791. Buy a smartphone with a big screen. You'll strain your eyes if you use it a lot on a small screen phone.

1792. Go for walks on the beach at high tide. You'll enjoy the feeling of the ocean spray a lot more.

1793. A little work each hour adds up to a lot at the end of the day. Don't ever push yourself to the limits while you work.

1794. You don't have to agree with everything an expert says. Agree to disagree.

1795. Life is beautiful. Look around more, experience more, live fully.

1796. Always show up. Especially when you promised to.

1797. There will be good times. There will be bad times. Both are part of life. Accept the good with the bad and the bad with the good.

1798. Time to take a tea break. Enjoy a freshly brewed cup of fine Darjeeling tea right now.

1799. If you must invest in something, invest in a good life for yourself right now, not in the distant future.

1800. Always leave before you are told to leave. Walk out on your own. Head held high.

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